Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame Canton, Ohio

First Process
The process initiated with a meeting between the Design Architect, Rex Carpenter HKS, Mark Williams,   Director of Business Development of Sports HKS, and Yogesh Patil, Urban Planner HKS. The schematic sketches of the potential office, hotel, retail and restaurants were produced based upon conversations about the client’s needs, site constraints and the vision of the charette team.

Third Process
At this point, architectural elements and patron activities were creatively composed. The scenes of colorful, interesting and engaging people spaces were based upon my experience in design of each building type. No elevations, sections, or sketch-up models were supplied,  just the teams verbal design intentions.

Second Process
Alterations to the master plan and building masses were executed following further discussions.  From the new design direction, another set of sketches were produced for review by the team.

Final Process
Slight corrections were made to the pen and ink drawing, adding additional levels of office space and 5- star hotel details, without getting “pinned down” to any particular design vernacular.  A final layer of watercolor was added to create a lively, artistic, active depiction of the project site.
Total time spent 2 ½ days